PlaXhunterTM, your plagiarism hunting software

PlaXhunter provides an easy and efficient way of detecting documents that contain potentially plagiarised parts from already published documents. Students, researchers, scientists and others can easily upload their academic papers, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, doctoral thesis (dissertation) and other papers and documents.


Our Agile Project Management System

  • Visual requirements management
  • Release planning
  • Iteration or sprint planning & tracking
  • Defects planning & tracking
  • Test case planning & tracking

Our company

Plannow Technologies is a software development company based in Vancouver. We provide custom software development services as well as training in various areas of software engineering, including Agile project management, business systems analysis, database management and software programming.


Dev Training Workshops

Plannow Technologies offers on-site and public software development training workshops for your staff and will also provide coaching and mentoring services.

Custom Software Development

Outsource your development projects to us. We'll dedicate a complete development team (from analysts & developers to QA) to get your project completed on time and within budget.

Waterfall-to-Agile Transitioning

Our Agile experts will help you transition from Waterfall methods to Agile methods. We'll develop a transition plan specific to your business, and train your team in the use of Agile methods.

Business Systems Analysis

Our Analysis and Design team will work with you in the analysis & design phase of a custom software development project to identify your requirements and to create the functional design.

Our Software Tools

Stay tuned for our software products. Our academic plagiarism detection tool is currently in beta testing.


Software Development Team

Plannow Technologies Inc. operates in a strategic partnership with a Macedonian software development company with offices in Skopje, Macedonia.