Plannow Technologies Inc

Company Overview

Plannow Technologies concentrates on helping companies implement and improve their use of Agile processes and techniques in order to enable them to gain sustainable advantages. We provide training workshops in Agile software development methods (public and onsite), and deliver custom software development projects as well.
Contact us for any software construction project, and we will complete that for you ontime and within budget. Plannow Technologies Inc is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Our Team

Plannow Technologies works with contractors and individual contributors on a per project basis. Our main software product development partner is located in Europe (Skopje, Macedonian). Contact us at


I found the Agile Project Planning & Estimating course to be among the best, of the best training that I have taken. The course content is very practical with extensive exercises and role play. I left with the ability to apply what I’ve learned.

----Wendy Hourston - Business Analyst, Burnaby BC----

After attending a one day course, I am now very familiar with the Agile/Scrum approach and looking forward to implementing it at our organization. The seasoned instructor was able to make a lot of information enjoyable to learn and apply with the hands on student class exercises. I highly recommend Plannow Technologies for Agile Training

----Chris Boxall - CBAP, Vancouver BC----