Workshop Schedule/Fee

This is a one day workshop

Individual Fee*: $775 p/p

Date: Sept 24

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: Vancouver

Venue: Fairmont Hotel

Instructor: Daisy Vanwick/Otis Dubai

*Special discount for organizations that register 3 or more participants. *Special discount for Gov. employees.

Terms & Conditions

Phone: 1-855-895-0911



About the Instructors

Daisy Vanwick is a Certified ScrumMaster with over 10 years of experience in the software engineering industry. She has helped various companies establish Agile, QA and software engineering practices. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Daisy has worked for organizations such as Intra West, Hyper Wallet, Telus and Credential.

Otis C Dubai is a Certified ScrumMaster, Agile Project Manager and Agile Coach with over 14 years of experience leading project teams to Agile processes. He is the architect behind PlaXhunter, a search and indexing engine, focused of detecting plagiarism. He worked with companies such as Pinnacle Sports, BC Securities Commission, Pearson School Systems, BC Housing, Industrial Alliance, BC Lottery Corporation, Translink and UBC.

Effective Agile Software Product Release Planning

Workshop Overview

In today's fast paced software development industry, a company cannot afford to delay a product's time to market. They therefore need to apply cutting edge project management and software requirements collection and development practices, in order to bring quality products rapidly to the market. Knowing how to effectively and objectively determine when to release a software product is never a trivial endeavor. Yet, software development teams regularly find themselves in situations where the release date has been determined for them already, without their input. It is therefore no surprise that a vast majority of project teams unfortunately fail to meet those, often, unrealistic release dates. This practical release planning workshop will demonstrate how to: - Create realistic, achievable release plans - Accelerate a software product's time-to-market - Deliver software projects on-time via collaborative planning - Reduce costs on software development projects - Improve your project teams’ efficiency and productivity - Build desirable products your customers will embrace - Keep your customers engaged throughout the project Our one day, hands-on, empirical Effective Agile Software Product Release Planning workshop is a pragmatic hybrid approach where Lean/Agile, Scrum and Extreme Programming principles are combined with a few effective elements of the Waterfall Model. We guarantee that you will be able to apply the practical techniques you'll learn in this session the very next day at work.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be guided through all the planning and estimating activities and will learn how Agile teams collaborate to deliver high quality emergent product release plans. What is Agile release planning and how does it differ from standard release planning? What are the main variants of Agile estimating and why are they so crucial to the success of Agile teams? Why is customer involvement so important ? What are story points and how are they different from estimating duration? What is velocity, how is it established and why is it key to product release planning? All these questions and more will be addressed during this highly collaborative and experiential session.

Who Should Participate

Product owners, business/systems analysts, testers, project managers, developers. Basic knowledge of user stories is required.

Workshop Format

The format will consist of lectures to present requirements collection concepts, followed by discussions, role-play and hands-on, real-world case studies that will allow participants to implement the concepts they were just introduced to. At the end of the workshop the participants will have the knowledge to successfully apply the techniques they have learnt in their organization.

What Participants Will Receive

  • - Copy of Presentation Slides - Product Backlog Template - Release Planning Template - Sprint Backlog & Task Board Template - Personalized Certificate of Completion

Discussion Topics

Some of the topics that will be presented include:
  • Some of the topics that will be presented include: - Agile requirements (user stories) - Big upfront design vs Emergent design - Maintaining and grooming a product backlog - Maintaining and grooming the iteration plan - Maintaining and grooming the Release plan - Realistic and achievable Release planning - Establishing Release Planning buffers - Estimating user stories through story points - Development task definition, planning and estimating - Tracking team progress - Calibrating team progress and establishing sustainable speed - Monitoring team progress graphically through burn down charts - Inspecting and adapting the process