The ultimate plagiarism hunting software.

  • Ultra fast upload and scanning of documents
  • Highlighted plagiarized text
  • Side by side comparison of source document and matches
  • Ability to maintain a local internal document database
  • Role based Security for the enterprise edition


Uploading and scanning

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Side-by-side matching

After every plagiarism scan, the similarity report allows the user to compare the master document against any matching document through a side by side scroll-able user interface.

Localized data store

PlaXhunter allows power users such as professors to create a localized database of documents to run scans against.Perfect if you want to limit the scope of the plagiarism scan.


After every scan PlaXhunter will display a report containing some statistics, including how many matching words were detected and what the plagiarism percentage is.


PlaXhunter provides role-based security. Only certain individuals will be able to access certain advanced features, such as database creation or category creation.

Continuous indexing

Every document that is uploaded to PlaXhunter will be automatically indexed. This means that the comparison base will be growing gradually.

Agile project management tool.

  • Product backlog management
  • Release planning
  • Iteration/sprint planning & tracking
  • Defects planning & tracking
  • Test cases planning & tracking


Product backlog management

This feature allows the user to create and manage hundereds of user stories in a user friendly environment.

Iteration planning

Each release can be further broken down into iterations. Our tool allows you to easily choose stories from the release backlog and schedule them in iterations or sprints via drag & drop capabilities.


Hybaeon is safe. It is protected through a advanced, strong password security mechanism. Once a user is logged on, project & role-based permissions will ensure, they can only access sections of the application they are authorized to be in.

Release planning

The release planning function gives product owners the ability to break the product up in chuncks of manageable releases. Hybaeon also allows the user to schedule the releases.

Detailed iteration task planning

Iteration task planning is also fun in Hybaeon. If you have 4 teams working on your projects, you can easily assign and schedule tasks for each team, all via one interface.

Customizable fields

Almost every field in Hybaeon is customizable. This gives users the ability to label fields exactly as they want them to be named.

Defects and tests management

Defects and test cases can be very easily created, managed and tracked in Hybaeon. All through drag & drop capalities.

Integrated email notification

Hybaeon can be configured to send email notification to users everytime an event occurse on a project, a story or a task. An excellent way of staying inform regarding what is going on in the project.

Burndown charts

Hybaeon comes with a standard set of burndown charts including release, iteration, stories and tasks burn down charts. This is an excellent way to track project progress on a daily basis.