Withdrawal Policy

Plannow Technologies provides a pleasant and relaxed training experience. We guarantee your satisfaction. Should you have any reason to withdraw from a course you registered for, please simply notify us of your intentions. Our policy is as follows:
- We will refund you 90% of the course fee if you decide to withdraw 2 weeks ( 10 business days) prior to the start date of the course
- Cancellations made within 10 business days of the start date of the course will be credited toward future courses.
There will be no refund in this case.
You may cancel your reservation by providing Plannow Technologies written notice via email at . Failure to provide us written notification via email, prior to the start of the course will be considered a "no show" and will result in forfeiture of the full course fee.


Plannow Technologies provides reduced rates to organizations that register 3 or more participants, or if you are a Government employee. Discount rates range from 8 % to 10% of the workshop fee. During registration you are required to pay the full price, but will be reimbursed on training day.

Public vs on-site Workshops

The audience in our public workshops usually comes from different disciplines, consisting of people you may or may not know. Our training structure mandates that work groups be created for hands-on application of the theoretical concepts provided by the instructor. The formation of work groups is conducted by the instructor(s), who may solicit your input during the formation. We ask for your cooperation in this circumstance. The only difference between public workshops and on-site workshops, is that the audience at on-site workshops exclusively consist of employees from the company that contracted Plannow Technologies to present the workshop.

Workshop Hours

The workshops usually start at 9 AM and end at 5 PM, unless otherwise noted on the course page or in email notifications. Please arrive at 8:30 AM on the first morning of class to sign-in and meet your fellow participants.

Cancellation Policy

If Plannow Technologies is forced to cancel a course for any reason, we will refund you 100 % of the course fee.

Hotel Reservations/Directions

Plannow Technologies regularly offers workshops that span 2 days or more. We do not set aside a block of hotel rooms for out of town class participants, who may need lodging. If you wish to book a sleeping room please contact Plannow Technologies for recommendations. If you require directions to the course location please contact us.